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Workshop Schedule Lark Camp 2019

Most workshops are designed to run the full length of camp. If you are coming for half camp you will be taking partial workshops

Lark Camp Music Library

Lark Camp Music Library - A place where you can find lots of the written music from Lark Camp.

Folk World Music

One of a kind and antique musical instruments for sale from the directors of Lark Camp.

Lark Camp In The News

Articles about Lark Camp in the news from the New York Times to Strings Magazine and more!

Lark Camp YouTube Videos

Lark Camp YouTube videos from Lark Campers.

Lark Camp On Facebook

Join the Lark Camp Facebook group.

Lark Camp Designs Store

A selection of Lark Camp designs. Shirts, mugs, bags and more.

Mickie & Elizabeth Zekley

Corwin Zekley Violinist/Songwriter

The Bagpiper

Music by the directors of Lark Camp and their family

Mendocino Woodlands

Where Lark camp takes place

Lark Camp Folk Community

Folk music related web sites of friends of Lark Camp

Lark Tales

Stories told by people who have meandered along the misty, musical paths of Lark Camp

Kid's Play

A page about the play that the kids at Lark Camp perform on the last evening of camp with pictures of the play being rehearsed

Monthly Mendocino English Country Dances

Come dance with us when you are in Mendocino.

LARK CAMP 2020: July 31 - August 8, 2020

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An Adult & Family Camp

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Lark In The Morning Musical Instrument Business

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If you have questions:


Or Send For A Registration Form to:

Lark Camp

PO Box 1724, Mendocino, CA 95460 USA



Registration Fees 2019

$746.00 Discount Price / $784.00 Full Price

11 and under*
$568.00 Discount Price / $596.00 Full Price

FIRST HALF: 7 / 26 til noon 7 / 30
$568.00 Discount Price / $596.00 Full Price

SECOND HALF: noon 7 / 30 til 8 / 3
$568.00 Discount Price / $596.00 Full Price

11 and under*
$460.00 Discount Price / $484.00 Full Price

Children under 3 are free and must not take up a cabin bed.

You may either pay a deposit (non-refundable) or your full registration fee to reserve your place for this summer's camp.

Balance due must be POSTMARKED or fully paid by June 22 or your deposit is forfeit (no exceptions).

If you are paying by check please make checks out to "Lark Camp."

There is a surcharge for any camping vehicle 20' or over. Please call (707) 964-4826 for info.

There is a parking fee of $60.00 Discount Price / $62.00 Full Price for each vehicle brought to camp.
You may purchase a parking pass on the way into camp for $70.00 (cash or check only at camp).

All minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must attend Lark Camp with a parent or guardian. Go here for complete information

Discount Price: Payments by personal check, bank check or money order.

Full Price: Payments using your credit card or PayPal account.

If you make a payment at the "Full Price" rate you will not be able to change to the "Discount Price" rate later even if you make further payments by a different method. If you make a payment now at the "Discount Price" rate you must make any further payments by personal check, bank check or money order or your rate will be changed to the "Full Price" rate.


Deposits are not refundable for any reason. Balance due must be POSTMARKED or fully paid by June 22 or your deposit is forfeit. Any moneys paid in to Lark for food or the balance of camp fees are nonrefundable after June 22. No exceptions.

If you have made a deposit to camp and cannot come you may be able sell your deposit to someone else at the sole discretion of Lark (example: if you are in an all women's cabin and you want to sell your deposit to a man you will not be able to make this transaction, etc.) The deadline for reservation transfers is July 20. We cannot give out names from the Lark waiting list. You cannot sell the deposit to someone already signed up on a camp crew. It cannot be applied to make up the balance on another deposit. Once you have canceled your reservation your deposit is forfeit and non transferable. Deposits cannot carry over to the following year. If Lark Camp sells out, we will offer a moderated web page for those of you wishing to sell your registration. If we open the moderated web page it will close on June 22.

Lark Camp Children's Workshops

Kid Special

* If you are paying for a child 11 and under, you can receive a discount rate by teaching a daily children's workshop at camp. Workshops on music, dance, theater, crafts, nature, juggling, story telling, instrument making are all good themes. If your workshop requires materials, you must provide them. Your workshop should be 1-1/4 hours long and offered daily. This is a great way to save a bit of money and to share your creative energy with the younger folks at camp. Please call (707) 964-4826 and talk to Mickie or Beth if you have any questions.

Read this great article about the Lark Camp Kids Play with photos of the play being rehearsed.

Donate To Lark Camp

Lark Camp promotes worldwide understanding through music and dance.

Lark Camp provides an open forum for the exchange of creative ideas between musicians, singers, dancers and composers. The Lark Camp experience is enhanced by motivational instructors and inspired students, who also share their passions and skills with the rest of the participants.

Donate to Lark Camp one of two ways. This is your camp.

You can donate directly through the registration form and the funds will be used in one of the many areas that will help enhance the Lark Camp experience including teacher related expenses, special projects and just to help make ends meet. Donations can also be made by check, cash & credit card.

For donations using PayPal or Credit Card use this button. COMING SOON
Donations by cash or check can be sent to:
Lark Traditional Arts
PO Box 1724
Mendocino, CA 95460

If you have extra Frequent Flyer miles that could become a ticket that would also be very helpful. Please email or call us at 707-397-5275.


Lark Camp identifies outstanding instructors some of which live a great distance from where Lark Camp is held. Funding is needed to bring instructors from large distances and other costs involving adding these people to the teaching staff.

You can donate to "Friends Of Lark Camp" specifically for helping to bring teachers that have extraordinary expenses to Lark Camp. Donations can also be made towards Lark Camp expenses just to help make ends meet. Please go to the "Friends Of Lark Camp" Website for complete information. Donations to "Friends Of Lark Camp" is by check only.


Food is not included in the registration fees; meals are extra. You may be able to wash dishes in exchange for meals. Camping vehicles with built-in kitchens may be used for cooking. No white gas or propane stoves or lanterns are allowed. No cooking in the cabins. Break the fire rules--$250 fine and out you go.

Camp One - has a kitchen and coffeehouse.

Camp Two - has a kitchen and coffeehouse.

Camp Three - has a Middle Eastern Coffeehouse.

The kitchens in Camp One and Camp Two will offer a similar menu and have 3 meals a day. If you are housed in Camp Two you will be scheduled to have your meals in Camp Two. If you are housed in Camp One your meals will be in Camp One. If you are housed in Camp Three you will be scheduled for meals either in Camp One or Camp Two. If your meals are scheduled in one camp and you want to have dinner in the other camp, you will be able to make arrangements with the kitchen.

You must pay for 100% of your meal ticket at one time. Meal tickets must be paid for in full prior to camp. Food prices include sales tax. No meal tickets sold after June 22. You may buy individual meals at camp instead of buying a meal ticket (it costs more though).

(Vegetarian, Vegan and Omnivore are available)


FULL CAMP - full meals
$390.00 Discount Price / $406.00 Full Price

11 and under
$292.00 Discount Price / $304.00 Full Price

FULL CAMP - Just Dinners
$221.00 Discount Price / $230.00 Full Price

11 and under
$159.00 Discount Price / $166.00 Full Price

FIRST HALF - full meals
$221.00 Discount Price / $230.00 Full Price

11 and under
$159.00 Discount Price / $166.00 Full Price

SECOND HALF - full meals
$221.00 Discount Price / $230.00 Full Price

11 and under
$159.00 Discount Price / $166.00 Full Price

At Camp Meal Prices TBA. Higher than pre-camp meal prices

Lark Shuttle

We will be using the Mendocino Woodlands bus for Lark Camp 2018. We hope to add an extra passenger van during workshop hours if registration warrants. The bus trip is a short 10 minutes. The bus operates from 8:00 am to 3:00 am. The bus has been nicknamed Camp Four and has developed into an on-going portable party and session. Take a ride on "Camp 4" the Lark Camp shuttle.

Bicycling between camps is encouraged, bring bicycles.

Driving between camps is not permitted. If anyone has to make frequent trips to town they will be parked in an area that does not require driving through camp.

Parking, Carpooling
& Getting To Camp

To keep the number of cars to mimimum no cars will be allowed in a possible camping space. This means if you are not staying in your vehicle it must go to long term parking. Long term parking is in Camp Three, 1-1/4 miles from the center of Camp One and 1/2 mile from Camp Two; a shuttle bus runs from 8:00am-3:00am. We will not be able to make exceptions to the parking policy. Carpooling is encouraged. If you can offer or need a ride please use the Lark Camp Carpool Webpage to organize carpools.

Notes on using public transportation to get to Lark Camp.

Pre-Purchase parking passes for Lark Camp for $60.00 Discount Price / $62.00 Full Price for each vehicle brought to camp.

Your parking pass will be given to you when you arrive at Lark Camp.

ALL vehicles and trailers at camp are required to have a parking pass.

If you have a car and a trailer you will need 2 parking passes.

If you pre-purchase a parking pass and then do not bring a vehicle, contact us after camp for a refund.

If you are not sure that you will bring a vehicle to camp, you may purchase a parking pass on your way into Lark Camp for $70.00 (cash or check only at camp).

If your vehicle, or combined vehicle and trailer, is over 20', call for availability before registering. There is an additional surcharge for long vehicles.

All the interesting places to stay, see and eat when you are visiting the Mendocino area.

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