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One of a kind and antique musical instruments for sale from the directors of Lark Camp.

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Music by the directors of Lark Camp and their family

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Where Lark camp takes place

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Folk music related web sites of friends of Lark Camp

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Stories told by people who have meandered along the misty, musical paths of Lark Camp

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A page about the play that the kids at Lark Camp perform on the last evening of camp with pictures of the play being rehearsed

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Come dance with us when you are in Mendocino.

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Facilities  |  Cabin Lodging  |  Tent Camping  |  Vehicle Camping

The Facilities

Camp One has 46 four-bed cabins. Each cabin is equipped with a fireplace, closet and balcony. The cabins are clustered in three groups, with a hot-water shower/toilet facility in each group. The kitchen adjoins two dining halls with a large fireplace in each hall. Additionally, Camp One has an 1,800 sq. ft Dance Hall with a stone fireplace.

Camp Two has 34 cabins. These are wood structures with screened windows and a closet in each cabin. The kitchen adjoins a dance hall which has a large fireplace at each end. The hot water shower/bathroom building is located near the dance hall. The cabins are clustered in four groups with a cold water toilet facility in each group. The Pavillion is a large, enclosed tent for indoor workshops and sessions.

Camp Three has 16 four-bed tent cabins, with a wooden floor and canvas tents over a wooden frame. The Middle Eastern Coffeehouse has a large fireplace and is used for dancing, events and workshops. There is a firecircle that is used for drumming workshops. There is a central hot water shower/restroom building. The tent cabins are clustered in three groups with a cold water toilet facility in each group.

Cabin Lodging

All of the cabins and tent cabins are equipped with cots and mattresses (no bedding).

Tent Camping

There are designated tent camping areas in each of the 3 camps. Each of these areas has a limited amount of tents; we cannot exceed this limit. NO tent camping is allowed in other areas. Once an area is full no further tents can be placed in that area. All tenting is pre-assigned. Due to limited space, tents with more than one person may be given higher priority.

Camp One has 3 areas. Area A-Meadow, Area B-Below the Lower Road, Area C-Lower Gate

If you want to be lodged in the meadow Area A
Read This

Camp Two has 5 areas. Area D-By Cabin 27, Area E-By Old Swimming Pool, Area F-By Cabin 26, Area G-By Dance Hall, Area H-Towards The Dam.

Camp Three has 4 areas. Area I-In The Grove, Area J-In Camp Three Meadow, Area K-By Parking Lot, Area L-Near Long Term Parking.

When registering for camp you may request tent camping by area in a certain camp and we will try and accommodate your request. If the camping area that you requested is not available we will assign you space as close as possible to your request.

Vehicle Camping

Each of the camps have space for vehicle camping. You may bring a camping vehicle. If your vehicle is over 20' long call for space availability and surcharge rates. All trailers must be pre-approved. No hook-ups are available. No motorized vehicles or trailers only tents in Area A the Meadow. If there is no place left for your camping vehicle in the requested camp you will be assigned to vehicle camp in one of the other 2 camps. A tent attached to a vehicle is not a part of the vehicle and will not be allowed. Due to limited space vehicles with more than one person may be given higher priority.

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