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Most workshops are designed to run the full length of camp. If you are coming for half camp you will be taking partial workshops

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Lark Camp Music Library - A place where you can find lots of the written music from Lark Camp.

Folk World Music

One of a kind and antique musical instruments for sale from the directors of Lark Camp.

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Articles about Lark Camp in the news from the New York Times to Strings Magazine and more!

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Lark Camp YouTube videos from Lark Campers.

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Mickie & Elizabeth Zekley

Corwin Zekley Violinist/Songwriter

The Bagpiper

Music by the directors of Lark Camp and their family

Mendocino Woodlands

Where Lark camp takes place

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Folk music related web sites of friends of Lark Camp

Lark Tales

Stories told by people who have meandered along the misty, musical paths of Lark Camp

Kid's Play

A page about the play that the kids at Lark Camp perform on the last evening of camp with pictures of the play being rehearsed

Monthly Mendocino English Country Dances

Come dance with us when you are in Mendocino.

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A First Time Camper's View Of Lark Camp

Imagine idyllic days & nights in the magical redwood forest filled with all the music, dance, and good times you could possibly stand, and that's kind of close to what Lark's Music Celebration is like. You are free to take as many or as few of the workshops offered as you like; jam sessions 24 hours a day, big dances every evening. Plenty of good food, new friends, and musical stimulation. Truly a unique total immersion into the joys of nature, music and dance. Many workshops for the professional as well as the beginner!

Click on the "Lark Tales" page below and read interesting articles, anecdotes, and testimonials about Lark Camp that were penned by camp participants.


Lark In The Morning Music Celebration was started in 1980 to provide a venue to allow traditional musicians and dancers to get together and share their music & dance (A music & dance party with educational overtones). This event is an open forum for musicians, singers & dancers to exchange ideas and learn without being in a rigid school structure.

You can read all about Mickie's experiences leading up to the creation of Lark Camp. They are chronicled in an article he has written called,

"The Adventures Of A Street Musician"

"NEW The Adventures Of A Street Musician Podcast"

The Layout

Click here to see maps of the Mendocino Woodlands.

Detailed Map of Camp One
Detailed Map of Camp Two
Detailed Map of Camp Three


There will be 3 camps divided roughly by the following criteria with workshops, sessions, dances and events.

Camp One --
Ireland, British Isles, Greece, Eastern Europe, Sweden
Camp Two --
Latin & North America, Spain, France, Swing
Camp Three --
Middle Eastern Music, Greece, Africa, Drumming

Visit the Lodging page for information on cabins and camping.


At any time... any day... and just about anywhere, sessions are known to happen. You can find them frequently around the fire circles, in dining halls, in the kitchen, on the steps, at cabins and campsites, on the woodpile, or along the path, etc.

You're free to listen if you like, or join right in. All you need for a calling card is to be polite and use common sense so that everyone has a great time. There is plenty of room around camp for sessions, so they're very easy to find. And if you don't see one that tickles your fancy, start one up... everyone's welcome.


Every night after dinner there are several dances held in large welcoming dance halls located around the camp. The variety is astounding and wonderful... everyone that comes to Lark Camp ends up dancing at some point. There's English Country Dance, Irish Céilí, French, Contras, Squares, Cajun, Greek, Bulgarian, Latin, Balkan, Swing and more in the main Dance halls. And then you can find more intimate dances like Irish Set Dancing, Belly Dancing etc. going on in some of the dining halls. In other words, if you like to dance, Lark Camp is a good place to be.

The Woodlands

Lark Camp takes place in the Mendocino Woodlands State Park, a National Historic Landmark built in the 1930s, nestled in 700 acres of redwood trees, ferns, and glades along both sides of the Little North Fork of the Big River in Northern California, near the coastal village of Mendocino.

The developed area of the Park consists of three large, private, rustic campgrounds-each with cabins and a dining/recreation hall. Twenty-five miles of hiking trails in and around the Park, an open meadow, large beaver pond, river otters, deer, fox and other flora and fauna complete the magic of the Woodlands.

Pictures of the Mendocino Woodlands.

Find out more about the Mendocino Woodlands

Become a "Friend Of The Woodlands".

Support the Mendocino Woodlands by buying Woodlands Coffee

All the interesting places to stay, see and eat when you are visiting the Mendocino area.


You may either pay a deposit (non-refundable) or your full registration fee to reserve your place for this summer's camp. Balance due POSTMARKED or fully paid by June 22 or your deposit is forfeit.

Read This about deposits.

For complete information about pricing, registration and for additional information on food, parking, rules, fees, deposits, children etc, go to our Registration page.

11 and under children's rates are only available to families in which the parent does a one hour and fifteen minute workshop daily children's workshop. Contact us for more information. (707) 397-5275 Children under 3 are free and must not take up a cabin bed.

There is a parking fee for each vehicle brought to camp.

There is a surcharge for any camping vehicle 20' or over. Please call (707) 397-5275 for info.

Restorative Massage At Lark Camp

Wonderful and relaxing massage in a beautiful setting. Dancers and musicians can suffer from repetitive-use injuries. Massage can help those tender spots and increase muscle and joint suppleness. When the mind is calm and clear the energy of creation flows naturally through your body, mind & spirit!
Visit the Lark Camp
Massage website.

Photos & Videos Of Lark Camp

Click here for the Camp Photos & Videos page

We may add some of yours. Send them to Small Jpeg or Gif files or QuickTime videos only please. Also links to your picture pages are great!

Poetry Of Lark Camp

Lark Camp Songs & Poems from Lark Campers

Podcasts from Lark Camp

If any Lark Campers have made any podcasts please send us a link or file.

Mickie Zekley Podcast
Podcast In Itunes
Adventures Of A Street Musician - Start with Episode One

Lark In The Morning At Lark Camp

Lark In The Morning will have a booth at camp, selling instruments, strings, and more

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