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Monthly Mendocino English Country Dances
Come dance with us when you are in Mendocino.

The Bay Area Country Dance Society
English & Contra dance events in the Bay Area

The North Bay Country Dance Society
English & Contra dance events in the North Bay Area

Country Dance and Song Society
Celebrating a Living Tradition of English and Anglo-American Folk Dance and Music since 1915

The Dance Gypsy
For dancers with wanderlust. Your resource for traditional, contra and folk dances information.

Cajun/Zydeco Music & Dance
Extensive Award Winning Cajun/Zydeco site for Information, Schedules, Bands & Artists, Writings, World-wide Festivals & Events, Events' Promotions, The ZydE-Zine magazine, Photos, CZ Humor, On-line Music, World-Wide Links

DanceSpots Network
Locate Dance Spots & Teachers throughout the U.S. & Canada! Over 3,900 dance spots and teachers listed!

A website for the Balkan music and dance fan.

Central Coast Country Dance Society
Contra Dancing in San Luis Obispo, California

A website devoted to matching dance partners for all types of dance.



Fresno Folklore Society
The Fresno Folklore Society (FFS) is a non-profit corporation founded for the purpose of preserving folk arts, especially traditional music, in California's San Joaquin Valley. It has existed in various forms for over thirty-five years.

Humboldt Folklife Society
For twenty-five years, the Humboldt Folklife Society has worked to bring together folk dancers, musicians and music lovers, and to invite national and global performers (and audiences) inside the redwood curtain

The Missouri Folklore Society
The Missouri Folklore Society was organized December 15, 1906, "to encourage the collection, preservation and study of folklore in the widest sense, including customs, institutions, beliefs, signs, legends, language, literature, musical arts, and folk arts and crafts of all ethnic groups throughout the State of Missouri."

Eugene Folklore Society
The Eugene Folklore Society (EFS) is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to furthering the understanding, appreciation, and performance of traditional folk arts by providing music and dancing around the area. EFS sponsors folk-related concerts and dances, potluck dinners and other relevant events that members are willing to sponsor or host. All EFS events are announced in the EFS newsletter, in e-mail notifications, as well as in the local papers, and KLCC and KRVM radio.

San Francisco Folk Music Club
The San Francisco Folk Music Club is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, and promotion of acoustic music in individual, family, and community life.

California Traditional Music Society
"Keeping folk music alive for the next generation... "

Colorado Friends of Cajun/Zydeco Music and Dance
Your guide for the best in Cajun and Zydeco music and dancing in the Front Range area of Colorado!

Association Of North Country Fiddlers
The clearing house for all things fiddle.

Washington Area Mid-East Dance Association
The Washington Area Mid-East Dance Association (WAMEDA) is a professional organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Middle Eastern dance, music, and culture. Membership is open to all persons who share these interests.

The Institute For Traditional Studies
An educational organization which researches, learns and executes those traditional music, dances, costumes, arts, crafts, sciences and technologies that comprise those which were once our native heritage. Secondly, make these traditions available to schools, institutions and the general public

San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers
The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers formed in 1986 to play traditional Scottish fiddle music. Members meet the third Sunday of each month in homes around the San Francisco Bay area, drawn together by our strong sense of community and delight in sharing the music we love.

New York Folklore Society
The New York Folklore Society recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary in everyday life, bringing focus to the traditions of our state’s diverse peoples. NYFS is the leading resource for folklore and folklife by disseminating research and information throughout the state.

New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club
Traditional Music is Alive and Well in New York



The Autoharp Quarterly
The International Magazine Dedicated To The Autoharp Enthusiast

Irish Dancing Magazine
Access all your favourite features online, order the magazine, enter fantastic competitions, and catch up on all the latest events. Take a look at The International Irish Dancing Magazine - distributed around the globe monthly!

Dulcimer Players News
Since 1975, Dulcimer Players News (DPN) has guided players, builders, and dulcimer enthusiasts on their musical journey. Devoted to both hammered and fretted dulcimer with tunes, tips for beginners, reviews, instrument care and repair, interviews, festival information, dulcimer history, and more.

A newspaper dedicated to promoting Folk Music, Dance, Storytelling, and other folk arts in the greater Los Angeles area.

Dirty Linen
American bimonthly magazine that celebrates roots/traditional/folk/world music, available from news stands and bookstores.

Tradition Magazine
A quarterly magazine featuring: mainly British Traditions and Customs, Music, Song and Dance History, Folklore, Myth and Legend, Traditional Ways of Life, CD reviews, Traditional Diary (Where to go and what to do) and more



Piano Fun
Learn the piano online with Robert Laughlin



90.5-FM Arcata
91.9-FM Crescent City/Brookings
89.1-FM Ferndale/Fortuna
89.7-FM Garberville
99.7-FM Willow Creek
Listener Supported Diverse Public Radio
Ethnic Excursions 3:00pm on Thursdays

KZFR FM 90.1
Listener Supported Community Radio Chico California
"Celtic Ray" 9:00am on Wednesdays

KOZT.COM "The Coast" FM 95.3 95.9
Mendocino County Community Oriented Rock Radio



James Wimmer Fine Violins
Incrediable sounding violins and expert restoratons.

Casey Burns Wooden Flute Maker
Professional performance and student instruments for Irish and other traditional music, based upon the acoustical models of 19th century makers such as Rudall & Rose, Boosey (Pratten), and Prowse.

Chris Caswell, Caswell Harps
Chris began making harps in 1975, and has shipped harps all over the world. His instruments are known for their rich tone, playability, and ergonomics. Each of his Bardic Series harp is handcrafted as part of a small batch using traditional materials. In addition, a new family of Hybrid Series harps is emerging, using proprietary techniques which provide great sounding, strong, and stable harps in a range of prices.


The ABC Home Page
ABC is a language designed to notate tunes in a text format. It was designed primarily for folk and traditional tunes of European origin (such as English, Irish, French, Balkan and Scottish) which can be written on one stave in standard classical notation. You can see the written music, hear it, slow it down, transpose to any key and much more. Free software for any computer system. You can download complete tune books at no cost. How about ONeills 1850 tunes on your Palm Pilot or great collections of Bulgarian, Breton, Irish and tunes from other cultures to have on your laptop or home computer.

ABC Tune Finder
Want to find out how a tune goes? Want to here it? Want to have the music? Want 20 versions in different keys. This is the place.

The Village Music Project
A study of English Social Musicians from the 17th century onwards from their manuscripts.

Music has, for centuries, formed an integral part of life in the villages and towns of the world. The local musician(s) were and still are in great demand for social occasions, religious festivals, community ritual and celebration. It has not been uncommon for musicians to have a multiplicity of functions within their community, playing for the local dance on the Saturday night, and the church service on the Sunday morning.

Often, musically literate musicians wrote down their tunes, songs, hymns, psalms and band parts in a single book which was easily carried along with their portable instrument. Some of these surviving hand written books date back to the eighteenth century. Some are devoted entirely to church music, some to secular music like the dance tunes of the day, and some are a rich mixture of all musics of their time. The surviving manuscript books of England are spread around. Museum and library archives, private collections and church bookshelves contain many treasures of this kind. Some are known of, and have been inspected, researched, published in full or in part, and safeguarded. Others are yet to be discovered, and may well be deterioratating due to neglect. Some have even been destroyed by people who saw them as having little value.

Many manuscripts available here in ABC and some other formats.

The Digital Tradition
Want to have the lyrics and music for about 9000 songs at your fingertips? You can either look them up on this site or download the whole database to your computer. It will even play you the melodies for many of the tunes.

Music Summer Camps
A nice list of violin focused summer camps.

The Larkies
Websites of the folks that come to Lark Camp.

Olaf Palm
Our dear friend, painter of musicians.

Nancy Covey's Festival Tours International
Wonderful guided tours to Louisiana and English Music Festivals.

California Gaitieros
The Lark Camp and California Galician bagpipe maddness.


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