World Music Brass Band Worshop
At Lark Camp
with Gregg Moore

It was as part of 15 years of musical direction for the alternative community band 'Fanfare v.d. EersteliefdesNacht in Amsterdam,Holland that Gregg Moore developed a passion for the many and varied forms the European brass band tradition has taken in native hands in lands all over the world. From India to Indonesia to Africa to South America colonial powers nurtured groups of brass and percussion to accompany their religious rites, political changeovers and military victories. When the Europeans finally left their colonies the instruments were part of the excess baggage left behind. The natives treasured these instruments for the volume they were capable of which increased their effectiveness for open-air festivals and parties and adapted them to their own musical tastes and styles resulting in a myriad of different brass band musics around the world, all of them more rhythmic than their European predecessors.

For 20 years Gregg Moore has been an avid student of all the forms brass band music has developed in around the world. He was responsible for the first visit to Europe of a representative of the exciting culture of Indian brass bands and has participated in conferences where he has shared his experiences with approaching European band musicians with the brass band cultures of the world. Besides working with community music he has been an important part of the vibrant creative music world of Amsterdam, Holland playing with the world-famous Willem Breuker Kollektief for 6 years and founding the group Available Jelly. He now lives and works in the countryside of Portugal.

The workshop 'World Brass Band Music' will include music from the traditions of India, Africa, Serbia, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Brasil and Bolivia among many others. Basic note reading skills are required and don't forget a music stand and especially an instrument in good working order. Flutes, piccolos, clarinets, saxophones of all flavours, trumpets, trombones, F horns, Baritone Horns, Tubas, Sousaphones and percussionists are all welcome.

PDF band scores for some of Gregg's workshops.

This workshop will be held at Lark Camp 2008. Click the links below for more information.

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